Align your people, purpose, and processes.

Our Philosophy

 At our core, we believe successful consulting and coaching is based on an effective dialogue, not a one-way monologue. Before we do any work together, we take the time to build a relationship so you can feel completely comfortable sharing even the most difficult, embarrassing, and intimate details of your challenges. Without the vulnerability that comes from a trusting relationship, neither of us will realize the true potential of our partnership. 

At Hardie Consulting, we believe every employee should have the opportunity to work for someone passionately committed to their success, and every employer should have the opportunity to employ people passionately committed to their success. We only work with clients who are passionately committed to creating this sort of symbiotic, reciprocal relationship, who are passionate about their customer's and employee's experience, who want to tap into the one competitive advantage that can never be copied ... a highly engaged organization.

How We Help

Our Story

Sometimes, you have to figure out who you aren't before you can figure out who you are. After twenty one years of managing people, leading teams, and developing strategies for some of the most recognizable names in the retail and service industries, our founder, Scott Brown, decided he had seen enough. He had watched too many talented people get chewed up and spit out. He had watched too many retailers refuse to get out of their own way. He had watched too many leaders snatch defeat out of the clutches of victory.

In 2010, he left the comfort of corporate life to take all he had learned and help the mavericks, the organizations who were passionate about creating a new type of experience for both their employees and their customers, one that had been missing.

Scott didn't just cull together what he though worked. He want back to grad school to make sure his theories were sound. After earning a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership, he turned his thesis into a book and his book into a business. 

We have one mission at Hardie Consulting,  "to provide you with the single greatest advantage any business can possess ...  a highly engaged workforce".  

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Our Passion

Your people are the face of your business. They are the energy, the values, and the brand your customers experience. The question is, "What are  your customers experiencing?"

Our business is helping you create the conditions necessary to ensure what your customers experience, is what you want them to experience. Do you have employee engagement? Do you have the organizational culture you need? We don't provide a band-aid for a symptom. We're not a quick solution firm. We are here to find the root cause of what ails your organization, and help you build a more healthy, robust, hardy business.

Our passion lies in building alignment between what your organization says, does, values, expects, and aspires to become. Without alignment, you are destined to change your direction every time the winds blows, confusing your employees, customers, and prospects.

Those organizations that build alignment throughout their organization are the same organizations that successfully unlock the passion and engagement of their people. They are same organizations that create the experience their customers expect. They are the same organizations that create a competitive advantage that can never be copied. Simply stated, our passion, is your success.

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