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Entertaining. Irreverent. Funny. Intelligent. Engaging. Scott has the unique gift of being able to move you emotionally through masterful storytelling, and being able to move your hands through his content. - K. Wright


Scott Brown is pure magic on stage! His delivery was perfect for the audience, with a combination of humor, relevant information, and takeaways. Everyone is the room was actively engaged throughout the keynote due to his dynamic style and control of the room. I would highly recommend Scott as a presenter or trainer.  - J. Taylor

Play a different game - District 10 TLI keynote

It has been said that nice guys don't finish last, they are just playing a different game. But what game are they playing? Giving people the support they need  to display courage. a chance to define the game they want to play, and a community willing to walk beside them, anyone can come out victorious.

Unpacking more than luggage ... from chicago ignite

Ignite Chicago selected me to speak at their 2019 "Best Of" event in November, 2019, on the one year anniversary of us moving to Fort Wayne. So, I talked about moving ... the value of living like a tourist, the value of living like a local, and most importantly, that no move is complete until you unpack both your luggage, and your baggage. 20 slides, 15 seconds a slide, no second chances.

To change a culture, change three things

On my second trip to speak at IgniteChicago, I spoke about the value of culture, and the three aspects you have to change in order to change anything ... the stories you tell, the artifacts you show, and the rituals you hold. Without changing these three things, you'll never step away from what is comfortable, to what is necessary.

Curing the Bad Boss Epidemic ... Live from Ignite Chicago

We’ve all worked for a bad boss, but not all of us can recognize when we are a bad boss. In this Ignite Chicago talk, Scott Brown explores how to recognize our own shortcomings, how to change the narrative,  and how to be the boss we wish we had ... a talk done in 20 slides, each of which automatically advance every 15 seconds.

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Unleash Your Potential

Align what your people do, say, and value to unlock your organization's potential.

Learn to align what you do and say or you'll never get out of your own way.

Inspire Your People to Engage

Keeping everyone aligned maximizes energy while minimizing friction.

Learn why less than a third of your employees are fully engaged in your success.

Help is on the Way

Stop repeating the definition of insanity. Learn how we can help you get to where you need to be.

You need a partner to help you survive the storm, build a culture of engagement, and learn to lead in times of uncertainty.

A Vision for a Community of Toastmasters in Fort Wayne

Before anyone can lead, they must first develop a vision of where they are headed. I believe Toastmasters is at its best when it is a community, not segmented into individual clubs. I believe Toastmasters epitomizes the axiom, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." How far do you want to go?

Moments of Real Truth

When was the last time you looked at your group with "new eyes"? When was the last time you pushed your team to gt comfortable with the uncomfortable? When was the last time you embedded "WOW" moments into your meetings?  After moving to Fort Wayne, Scott was asked to speak at Toastmasters Leadership Institute to challenge club officers to answer these very questions.

A Shared Commencement

I have three wishes for my beloved Articulators as I venture out on my next adventure ... continue to tell the stories that lift one other up, continue to gather the artifacts that bond you together as a club, and continue to invest in helping others unlock a potential they did not know they possessed. "

There may be miles between our smiles, but let there never be distance between our hearts."

Stop Blaming Millennials for the Death of Retail

Millennials didn't cause the retailocalypse ... retailers did. Here's how.

After the Launch (TLI North - Jacksonville)

Giving back to Toastmasters for all they have given me. Now that the new Toastmaster's educational system, Pathways, has been launched, now what? Clubs have a choice ... either focus on the rocks, roots, and ruts that can derail any journey, or look past the obstacles to find the path of possibility. In this talk, I help the incoming Jacksonville club officers, recognize the obstacles, but focus on the journey.


Find Fulfillment by Following Your Energy

 In this wonderful and moving episode, master storyteller Scott Brown shares his best nuggets of wisdom to help you on your most unexpected journeys. Savor the depth and richness of this interview and learn how to find your voice. This episode will touch your heart and soul.

Getting from the Club Culture You Have, to the One You Need

Giving back to Toastmasters to help incoming club officers in Orlando decide if the culture they have is the one they need, or just the one they have. Every culture, big or small,  is brought to life by the stories and artifacts that tell the story of what's important, and why. What stories are you telling?


Risk Failing Miserably, to Grow Significantly

 Scott Brown is an architect of cultural alignment. In this episode, we talk frankly about taking risks as an entrepreneur and creating organizational alignment. Learn why we choose to do business with some companies and not others and how to maintain a sustainable advantage in your business.