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Unleash Your Potential

Learn to align what you do and say or you'll never get out of your own way.

Inspire Your People to Engage

Learn why less than a third of your employees are fully engaged in your success.

Help is on the Way

You need a partner to help you survive the storm, build a culture of engagement, and learn to lead in times of uncertainty.

After the Launch (TLI North - Jacksonville)

Giving back to Toastmasters for all they have given me. Now that the new Toastmaster's educational system, Pathways, has been launched, now what? Clubs have a choice ... either focus on the rocks, roots, and ruts that can derail any journey, or look past the obstacles to find the path of possibility. In this talk, I help the incoming Jacksonville club officers, recognize the obstacles, but focus on the journey.


Find Fulfillment by Following Your Energy

 In this wonderful and moving episode, master storyteller Scott Brown shares his best nuggets of wisdom to help you on your most unexpected journeys. Savor the depth and richness of this interview and learn how to find your voice. This episode will touch your heart and soul.

Getting from the Club Culture You Have, to the One You Need

Giving back to Toastmasters to help incoming club officers in Orlando decide if the culture they have is the one they need, or just the one they have. Every culture, big or small,  is brought to life by the stories and artifacts that tell the story of what's important, and why. What stories are you telling?


Risk Failing Miserably, to Grow Significantly

 Scott Brown is an architect of cultural alignment. In this episode, we talk frankly about taking risks as an entrepreneur and creating organizational alignment. Learn why we choose to do business with some companies and not others and how to maintain a sustainable advantage in your business.