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Speaking Services - Book Scott to Speak


Are you looking for a speaker who not only brings tremendous value to your audience, but who delivers this value with humor, poignancy, and relevance? Then you need to book Scott to speak at your next event. 

Scott provides timely, thought provoking, insightful presentations, giving your people information, plans, and concepts they can apply immediately. Everything Scott presents is linked back the concepts he introduced in his upcoming book, Play a Different Game.

  • Playing a Different Game - Adapting Your Leadership Style to Changing Expectations
  • The Seven Seas of Leadership - Leadership Essentials for Emerging Leaders
  • Storytelling for Leaders - How to Present With Poise, Prose, and Profit
  • Stop Blaming Millennials for the Demise of Retail  (You Could Be Next) - Organizational Culture Strategies for Emerging Leaders
  • Employee Engagement for Retail and Service Organizations- Vanquishing Organizational Vampires and Zombies
  • RPM ... How to Rev Up Performance - Helping the Recently Promoted Manage People

Don't you owe it to your people to help them change the way they think, act, and lead? Don't you owe it to your audience to both entertain and enlighten them? 

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Testimonials - What People are Saying


Scott Brown of Hardie Leadership Consulting is a fantastic speaker and audience favorite! His presentation provided the necessary leadership insight that our attendees crave at the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show. It was a pleasure working with him and I look forward to having him back at our future shows!  - Patricia C., Event Planner

Engage, then empower...that is what I've seen Scott Brown do over and over with his audiences—audiences as diverse as youth baseball teams to corporate professionals. In my 20 years as a marketing professional, I've sat through many speakers and I am here to testify that Scott's ability to tailor a message, relate to his audiences, and build a rapport is unmatched.

Whether you are trying to define a culture, build upon an existing culture, or change your current culture, Scott Brown can help you deliver success.  - Erik D., VP of Marketing

 Scott Brown has distinctively developed the concept of meshing the thought that employee engagement is a foundational key to organizational success and that the effectiveness of an organization’s culture is more important than the strength of the organization’s culture. He emphasizes the importance of organizational leadership in aligning the organizational values with employee behaviors to create and sustain a dynamic organization. It is a great book that relates personal experience with sound theory and research. - Melvin H., Ph. D.


Scott's impact on our group can not be understated. He's been crucial to the continuous development of our team. His coaching and mentoring approach has influenced many to improve and stretch beyond their ability. His speaking engagements are captivating and will leave any audience feeling inspired and ready for any challenge. I can confidently say Scott will elevate any company that decides to hire him. - Mayra R., HR Director

Consulting Services - Find Your Alignment


The research is clear. Less than one in three employees is fully engaged in their work. This means that more than 70% of American workers are either sleep walking through their days, apathetic towards their work, or they are sucking the very life out of your organization. 

A company with a highly engaged workforce is up to five times more profitable than their disengaged competitors. Disengaged employees eventually lead to disengaged customers, and disengaged customers lead to your irrelevance (like the retailocolypse). 

Could you be next? How engaged is your workforce? How engaged are your customers? I

Since 2010, The Hardie Leadership Consulting Group has been helping develop more engaged organizations. While we do specialize in customer facing industries, (retail, service, hospitality, etc), our processes and concepts can be applied to any type of organization. Don't you owe it to yourself, your people, and your customers to create the organization you need, rather than settle for the one you happen to have?

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Executive Coaching


It can be difficult to see yourself through other people's eyes. Whether you need a keynote presentation, individual coaching, or leadership consulting, we can help you get to where you need to go.

The cornerstone of every effective relationship is trust, and nothing erodes trust faster than misalignment ... saying one thing and doing something else. Our executive coaching services are designed to help you align what you do, what you say, and who you are. 

Our coaching approach, outlined in Scott's book, Play a Different Game, is to help our clients find their leadership identity, find their voice, and build the relationships they need to unlock their potential. Everything we do is both practical, and rooted in academic research, meaning it has been proven to be effective.

Whether you need help communicating your message, engaging your people,  developing leadership effectiveness, or management effectiveness, we can help. Don't get caught in the trap of doing more of the same and expecting different results.

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Learning Opportunities


Hardie Consulting offers a number of programs specifically designed to help you create a more engaged, productive, and aligned organization:

  • Playing a Different Game, helping new leaders understand the game they are playing, and what to do when the rules change. 
  • Employee Engagement for Retail and Service Organizations - How Leaders Vanquish Vampires, Zombies, and Apathy, because anyone can thrive when times are good, but not everyone can thrive when times are tough.
  • Seven C's of Organizational Development for Emerging Leaders, creating organization you always dreamed of leading.
  • Get Out of the Way, management training for the recently promoted based on our Resolute Performance Management (RPM) Model.
  • The Leadership Advantage, leadership training developed by the creators of Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality tools.

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It's Not Just Opinion, It's Fact


In 2010, when Scott put the corporate world in his rear view mirror, he did so with a vision ... to help organizations, teams, and leaders learn how to transform themselves into who they always wanted to become.

Scott knew his experiences with IKEA, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, TJ Maxx, and Disney had given him the experience, background, and passion to help change the status quo.  He knew he could help create the one competitive advantage that can never be copied ... a highly engaged workforce, because he had done it for two decades.

But he didn't want to rely on what he knew. He wanted to prove it. He wanted to fill in the gaps in his experience. He wanted to get better. Over the last eight years, Scott has earned a Master's in Science in Organizational Leadership to prove his leadership, engagement, and HR theories and processes were sound. He became one of the most decorated speakers in Central Florida. He wrote Play a Different Game, detailing how to lead and manage during times of change.

When you work with Hardie Leadership Consulting, you get Scott. You get his experience. You get his knowledge. You get his passion.

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