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    What if? What if you could create a workplace where your customers cared as much about your success as you do? What if you could create a workplace where your people couldn't help but to give the very best they had to offer? What if you could you could find somewhere to help you with all your leadership training, executive coaching, human resource services, and organizational alignment needs? You can! Hardie Consulting can help!

    Our mission is to help you build a competitive advantage that can never be copied ... a highly engaged organization. The Hardie Consulting Group was founded during the "retailocalypse". As customers, employees, and society in general were beginning to demand a change to business as usual, our founder, Scott Brown, wanted to be part of the solution, not part of the status quo. 

    During the more than twenty years he invested in climbing the corporate ladder for some of the most recognizable names in the retail and service industries, Scott had learned there was better way. He had helped maverick leaders become outliers, delivering consistent results by working differently, creating organizational alignment, and in turn, creating a culture of engagement, performance, and trust. But he wasn't satisfied to help a few, he wanted to help the many.

    Scott knew the key to creating a sustainable competitive advantage was to align what you do, say, and believe. His experience had shown him that the same principles applied to individuals, teams, and organizations.

    Unsatisfied to simply know alignment was the key to unlocking an organization's potential, he set out to prove it. As he earned a Master's of Science in Organizational Leadership, Scott worked tirelessly to refine and validate his theory. Ultimately, his theory became a thesis, his thesis became a book, and his book became his life's work. 

    Hardie Consulting is here to help you create an organization built for tomorrow's demands. We're here to help you build an organization that aligns what it does, says, and believes, creating the  conditions necessary to thrive in a constantly changing environment. We're here to help you ask, "What if?"

    Leadership Development

    Your leaders are the backbone of your  organization. The question is, "Do you know if your back bone is helping you, or hurting you?" Is  it aligned?

    The most successful organizations, teams, and groups are able to draw on the experiences, strengths, and talents of every member of their team, not just a select few. The most successful leaders know how to fully engage the heads, hearts, and hands of their people in a way that ensures the entire organization succeeds.

    Influences and expectations that held true just a few years ago, have become obsolete, replaced by an ever-growing understanding that tomorrow’s world does not care about the source of solutions nearly as much as it cares about the effectiveness of those solutions. We will help you find the right solutions to your challenges.

    We'll help you transform your organization's leadership skills by aligning how your leaders select, manage,develop, engage, and  communicate with your employees, customers, and prospects. We'll help you develop the systems needed to change the way you work. We'll help your leaders and managers develop highly effective teams and employees, fully committed to your success, willing to do their best work every day, and engaged in your organization's long-term health. 

    Your results matter ... but how you get your results matters much more. Our leadership development programs and executive coaching services will help set you up for success today, and tomorrow.

    Contact us today to begin transforming your organization's potential into productivity, performance, and profit.

    Cultural Effectiveness

    Every organization has a unique culture. Regardless of how yours formed, your culture is the backdrop for  everything your organization does, or doesn't do. It is how your people, your customers, and your prospects experience your organization, day in and day out. 

    Your organization's culture is tangible. It is rooted in the stories you tell and the artifacts you share. It is more than the proclamations you make, it is how you bring those proclamations to life. 

    While there is no one "right" culture for you, there are plenty of wrong ones. is your culture driving your success forward, or keeping you mired in the past? Make no mistake, your people, your customers, and your prospects are  watching. Is the actual culture experienced by your constituents aligned with the one you brag about in your financial reports, or are you merely creating a cultural mirage? Nothing alienates people faster than inauthentic, misaligned, toxic relationships, the hallmarks of a "wrong" culture. 


    We'll help you determine if the culture  you have is the one you need, or just the one you happen to have. Then  we'll work with  you to define and develop the culture you need, aligning your behaviors, values, goals, expectations, and aspirations to transform your business into a model  of organizational health. 

    We'll help you identify and develop the behaviors, expectations, and processes you need to create the culture you need. We help you root out the stories and artifacts that will bring it to life. Most importantly, we'll help you make sure it here to stay. 

    Don't waste another day living with an unhealthy, misaligned, toxic culture. Start your transformation today. 

    Employee Engagement

    Your customer's experience is directly related to your employee's experience. Unfortunately, statistics show  that roughly 3 out of every 4 employees is either apathetic towards your organization, or actively working against your success. OUCH!

    Why are so few employees fully engaged in their organization's success? Largely because far too many of them don't believe their employer cares about them. Maya Angelou could have been talking about the modern workplace when she said, "People may forget what you do, and what you say, but they never forget how you make them feel." How are you making your people feel? Unappreciated? Valued? Vital to your success?

    Do your leaders, managers, and supervisors say one thing, but do something else? Do you think a paycheck is all that matters to your people? Have you confused the results you achieve with why you chose this business in the first place? Do you know why your employees chose you? 

    Hardie Consulting will help you develop a workforce fully  committed to your organization's long-term success, helping you to engage your people's heads, hands, and hearts.Let us be clear, employee engagement is not a myth, a fad, or an event. Your people's engagement, and their experience, depends on far more than money. Engagement is a mindset, a habit, and a culture. Engagement is a choice.

    Let us help you engage your  customers, your employees, and your prospects. Your people are the face  of your business. Together, we can unleash their potential, energy, and  focus. 

    Contact us today to begin building the ultimate competitive  advantage. 

    Aligning what you do, say, and believe

    Buy ALIGNMENT today!

    What if you could create an unfair  advantage that nobody could copy?  What if you could attract and retain the best talent? What if your employees and customers were your biggest fans? What if your organization was fully aligned, empowered, and engaged? Stop asking, "What if!" Order Scott's book today, to learn how!




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